Expanded Metal Panels & Systems | Metal Elements

Rau Streckgitter’s know-how in manufacturing expanded metal panels is unrivalled, whether it be out of steel and aluminium (material thickness of 0.10 – 5mm) stainless steel (up to 3 mm), aluminium, brass, copper, silver or gold.

Rau offers a variety of procedures for treating the different surfaces, including anodizing, powder coating, hot-dip galvanizing, galvanizing, and special coatings upon request. Panels can be made in curved and formed shapes or customised to drawings. Specific colours for powder coating are also available across the entire range of RAL colours.

Rau’s Expanded Metal Panels and Systems can be applied to building façades, balustrades, ceilings and 3D ceilings.

Building Façades

Balustrades & Ceilings