Our Glass Canopy Fitting protects from weather conditions and ensures that entrances are well-lit through the transparency of glass. The combination of well-designed and engineered fittings with the glass is suitable for all types of surroundings. Designed with ease of installation yet secured through the incorporation of its wide angular adjustment and flexible fittings, the LISUS canopy fittings enable wide application possibilities that makes for an easy installation and an enjoyable experience.


The Single Canopy is an aesthetically pleasing modern design which maintains LISUS’s primary goals for all of our products; minimalistic, functionality and affordability. It operates on very few fittings to provide a structurally sound, easy to install glass canopy. Well engineered with attention to details, the Single canopy enables all components to be concealed which crafts a clean line and the perfect canopy.


With the introduction of our G-Fitting to the canopy, the Double Canopy uses an additional fitting which joins two panels together, creating a clean continuous looking canopy. The simple design exudes individuality and expresses a unique style.