Lumière Dichroic Glass | Glass Products

The Lumière range of products encompasses various specialist architectural glass products with a wide range of applications including: Curtain Walls, Skylights, Windows, Interior Partitions & Special Applications.

Specialist Metalized Interlayers

Metalized Interlayers are incorporated with low iron glass or normal float glass to achieve effects visible both inside and outdoor, where the appearance is reflective (gold, silver or blue) to soothing light grey or even clear.
These metalized Interlayers optimise thermal performance, reducing heat absorption through glazed areas while allowing daylight to penetrate into the building.
These interlayers can form a part of double-glazed units combined with multifunctional coated glass to achieve higher solar performance.

Dichroic Interlayers

Dichroic Interlayers in width of 1400 mm, 1800mm or less, can be laminated with Low Iron Glass, incorporated with insulating glass unit, or combined with solar control glass in order to achieve stunning colour effects and performance.
The interlayers create an occasionally intangible mix of form, volume, function that can be breath-taking, depending on the light source and viewing angle. By creating a spectrum of colours, these interlayers truly bring a building to life.

Projects featuring Lumière – Specialist Glass Interlayers