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A Mashrabiya is a characteristic element of ancient Arabic architecture. KAPHS UAE turns aluminium Mashrabiya into an exquisitely designed piece of art, updating latticework usually made of wood into façades in metal for the twenty-first century.

Widely used in cities with rough weather conditions, Mashrabiya lets aluminium façades absorb the heat while allowing the cool air and light inside the building, while the intricate latticework ultimately sets a building apart from common civil constructions. Mashrabiya designs can also be applied on a smaller scale to adorn interiors or exteriors as partitions, perforated panels and decorative screens.

Today, aluminium is a highly prized material for façades because of its many benefits: stability, sustainability, recyclability and efficiency, not to mention the changing play of light it offers throughout the day.


Decorative architectural screens are finely designed aluminium sheets that add a distinct theme to an interior. Aluminium partitions act as a means to privacy in a room without taking up much space, while perforated panels enrich any interior or exterior and always ally comfort with functionality. Made of aluminium, these panels are sustainable, malleable and stable and can be customized to suit your taste and needs.

Perforated Panels