Lumière Lux Three-dimensional light structures fascinate like the Northern or Southern Lights do. Yet the three-dimensional lighting effect created by Lumière Lux is far less complicated and rare. These 3D light structures break through the confines of spaces to create an optical depth that expands even the narrowest areas.
Depending on the choice of fabric, you can either eliminate the position of the light source or define its exact position, thereby allowing a sense of space beyond the dimensions of the room. The combination is further enhanced through the use of RGB LED combinations. Whether it be a lift enclosure, a ceiling panel or simply wall décor, the enclosed space is completely reconfigured. The applications of Lumière Lux are manifold: kitchens, bedrooms, lounge furnishings, or as complete ceiling panels.

Mood 3D Laminates

Lumière Lux Mood Laminates provide mesmerising 3D depth in combination with LEDs; the clarity of the material leaves a lasting impression. A wide variety of finishes are available either embedded in glass or in acrylic.

Magic 3D Laminates

High-quality laminates of Lumière Lux Magic shine through the laminates. Exposed to parallel lights, the material creates different illuminated shapes, depending on the laminate arrangement, distance and angle of viewing. These laminates have strong three-dimensional effects, lending an appearance of depth that expands beyond the installation space. The colour of light structures can be varied using RGB LEDs.

Decolux 3D Laminates

The appearance of depth produced by this special laminate creates a spacious feel even though it occupies only a tiny space. Decolux Laminates and LED lights can be configured in tandem to produce riveting 3D shapes.

Miracle 3D Laminates

The Miracle is a special version of Lumière Lux that conceals sources of light for a subtle three-dimensional effect.

Applications of Lumière Lux 3D Lighting Systems