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The Powerglass range offers individual laminated LED glass solutions for sophisticated projects. Powerglass can be used as a design element or to set stunning visual marks by creating a media façade for indoor and outdoor use.

LED lighting inside the resin laminated glass are activated through invisible circuits on glass surface within. Nearly any number and distance of LEDs is possible. Two contact bars, usually located along the long glass edges, are used to electrify the conductive glass surface in addition to an external power supply. The diodes embedded in cast resin composites emit light. They are protected within the composite, powered wirelessly, radiate light on both sides and can be variously positioned within the panel.


The Displayglass range comprises anti-glare solutions for use in displays, ranging from one-sided anti-glare shielding glass for plasma screens and customised heated glass combinations to the assembly of laminated glass solutions for touch screens.

To avoid disturbing reflections on displays Displayglass with the following options are available: anti-reflective, EMC-shielding/shielding glass or highly transparent heating glass, as well as a shatterproof construction.

EMC Shielding Glasses close house openings with a highly-transparent conductive coating on the inner surface of the glass pane. The construction without wire mesh provides a crystal-clear view on the screen.

Heating Glass is transparent glass which offers flat heating without visible wires. The heating works on the whole glass area in front of the display.