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In the first decades after World War II, profiled glass was used as a cheap, cost-effective solution for simple industry and commercial buildings. Today, thanks to its quality, refinement possibilities, clear forms and technical variety, it is employed in design-driven architectural projects worldwide, like museums, theatres, shopping centres and stadiums.

LINIT Matt is a U-Profiled Glass with a sandblasted inner surface which diffuses light completely, meaning that clear outlines are no longer visible (in contrast to directed permeability). This creates a soft, whitish hue, making the LINIT facade an attractive choice and providing an additional lightness at comparatively low costs, especially when the glass facade is backlit.

Low Iron LINIT enhances the brilliance of a facade. The lower iron content significantly reduces the green tint usually found in standard glass, thereby accentuating the visual appearance of the sandblasting. A partial sandblast of the LINIT glasses is also an option, producing translucent surfaces within the glass wall. LINIT Matt is also available in a toughened version.

LINIT: Types of Surfaces