High-End Architectural Products

KAPHS is a global supplier of high-end architectural products. With offices in Switzerland, Dubai, Cairo, Delhi, Singapore and Toronto, KAPHS aims to connect the world of architecture through our knowledge and expertise.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients, innovative and environmentally conscious building skins and interior design products.

Our wide range includes : Specialist Glass Products, U-Profiled Glass, High-Performance Honeycomb Glass, Transparent Media Screens, Architectural Hardware, Cast Aluminium Products, Woven Wire Mesh and Expanded Metal.

Exterior applications include: Building Envelopes, Façade Design & Cladding, Point Fixing and Net Cable Façade, Railings & Balustrades, Pool Fencing and Gates. Interior applications include: Skylights, Wall Cladding, Ceilings, Partitions, Flooring.